Cybersocket Interview

Q: How were you initially discovered?

I was first discovered in Paris—I was just chatting on a gay web site, and somebody from (it’s a French site) discovered me – I started doing stills three weeks later and then I was ready to shoot. They released four DVDs in 2005 and the beginning of 2006. They did well in France.

Q: What did you do before you were in film?

I was a fashion assistant, styling for the press and choosing clothes for photography shoots. I used to work for high-end fashion magazines, and a magazine from New York, Visionaire. I was a styling assistant and wasn’t really paid very well for it; it was really stressful—a lot of energy for nothing—so I stopped. The fashion scene bothered me. Then I worked in a sex shop, as a bartender, stripper, and then porn.

Q: When did you learn to speak English?

I used to sing a lot in the shower!

No, because when I used to work for fashion, I used to speak with guys in New York, so I started speaking English a little. I think I still have my French accent and have difficulties with my vocabulary. I can also understand a little German.

Q: Were you into watching porn before you got into the business?

A lot, yes. Most of the movies I was watching were American. My first movies were from Falcon and Titan – Trespass and Fallen Angel. My favorite porn actor was Dred Scott (in Carny).

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

Cinema, music, jacking off, fucking! Sex!

I don’t really go out anymore now since I’ve been doing porn. I don’t really know what some guys want from me; a lot of guys know me, but it’s really hard to know if they want the real me or ‘Francois Sagat’ the porn star. So I try to choose guys outside of the scene or who are bisexual.

For ‘everyday sex’, I really love Arabic guys……but it’s sometimes hard to have a relationship. I loved someone who was supposed to be straight—we had sex two times, but he didn’t want to admit his gay side, I would say. For him, being straight was being a ‘top’—“I’m top, so I’m straight. I don’t get fucked, so I’m straight!”

I love everybody who is natural, sexy and modest too. Sexy to me is somebody who doesn’t know they’re sexy, somebody who doesn’t really have the vision of himself as a “sex-symbol”. Somebody who’s innocent and doesn’t realize how sexy they are.

Q: Do you ever consider moving to the U.S. from Paris permanently?

I have to find a regular job, I think, to be more official, more stable. It’s really hard for guys from abroad to stay in the country for a long time. But I wish I could live here, actually – things are going really fast, more than in Europe. I like San Francisco, New York. I know the West Coast and East Coast are different but I don’t know too much about the middle of the United State too much yet.

Q: What are some songs currently in your iPod now?

I have two new tracks I’m always hearing from former porn star Dick Wolf—I don’t stop listening to his tracks. Also, a lot of hip-hop, R&B, pop music—sometimes Marilyn Manson or Pharrell Williams from the Neptunes. I love that! But I don’t really listen to house music or techno, just a little when I go out to the club.

Q: How does it feel to be a successful PORN GOD? Did you ever think you would be this big?

Porn God? . Do you think people think this about me? If people just see me from movies or pictures, and not as a real person, in real life, I don’t know how that is…. I go to Safeway and do things like anybody else….I’m a normal guy. I think that’s a difference between the stage persona and my real life.

Q: What about yourself would totally shock your fans?

I think I’m really boring sometimes! Sometimes I can be a bit rude with people outside of special appearances. I think people would be surprised that even though I’ve done four fisting scenes as a fisting top, that’s not my thing at all.

Let’s see… something surprising… I have good feelings for Britney Spears!! That would be shocking! And I sing Beyonce in the shower .

Another thing that people might find unusual about me is I draw a lot for a friend who has a t-shirt line. I do illustrations, incorporating religious signs from Judaism and Freemasonry—symbolism with temples and things like that. Not really shocking, but maybe interesting!

Q: You recently changed studios, how does the move so far feel now that you are a Titan Exclusive after being at Raging Stallion for so long?

I always knew that my first choice to work for a big company in the USA would be Titan. I always said that. But I didn’t have the chance to reach them at a good time, and Raging Stallion was really optimistic about me, so I decided to say yes. I have good memories of working for them; I think they used me a lot – maybe too much, and I think that was a good time to stop. And Titan came along at a good time.

Now I think it’s a good moment for me to work for Titan because physically-speaking and mentally-speaking, I feel more ready. So maybe if I was working for Titan one year ago, I don’t know… I feel more ready now I think.

Q: Have you ever been asked to do straight porn? Would you?

No, I haven’t been asked, but sometimes I think about it. I’m not into girls, but I want to see what it would be like, if it would be a beautiful image–just as a personal thing, if it feels good or not.

I tried fisting and it looks OK on the screen. So… maybe if I try girls… I’m 27, so maybe I have the time. Or maybe I’ll do a bisexual movie. But I’m really gay — 200% gay!

Q: What is an essential Francois Sagat DVD that every fan should own? Why?

I really love my first scene from – my first, first scene. There was a chemistry between my partner and me – it was a real sexual act. There was just the one camera. I liked doing it — it was real and natural!

Q: Give us a little French lesson and tell us something!

Est-ce que tu aimes les grosses bites? (Do you like big cocks?)