Incubus 2: The Final Chapter

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And this is your First look at Incubus 2: The Final Chapter.

I can’t believe that it’s finally out. Incubus 2 has been released to Titanmen. The editing is flawless, this is just how I wanted it to look and even better. The first scene from Incubus 2 is finally out, the scene where David Anthony, playing a photographer, shoots pictures of Junior Stellano and me. I am myself at the beginning but the demon starts to come out while we pose. Then what I am and how I see myself become opposites.

An eerie story: When we shot the part where I walk into the set as the evil side of myself, and find David Anthony having sex with Junior on set, I stood there in bare feet and the second that I walked up to the camera, the floor light that was casting shadows on my face spontaneously exploded.

David Anthony has a huge dick, huge balls and amazing body but his quiet and shy personality make him seem so gentle. But I know better. lol.

I hope you enjoy it…

You can watch the trailer for the whole movie here.

See the promo clip of the scene here.

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Yes. That’s me and Sylvia Gobbel.

The single Hadès in French with English subtitles here…

The video clip will be out around the 5th of april, looking forward to it ;

Download on

Incroyable! Jesse Jackman sees Incubus 2 edited

If you haven’t seen this over on Jesse Jackman’s blog, here it is.

You can see how much work went even into the editing part of the movie, even with me digitally added to one of the scenes. I also was amazed at how the music was composed to match the key of the leaf blowers. And the swimming pool full of red wine looked just how I wanted it to look.

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I Feel Dirty.

Nobody said porn wasn’t dirty. Do we not all like to occasionally play in the mud and get filthy?


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Would you like Room Service?

Some video I’m in for a famous party in London named Room Service.

Room Service- The Sextape pt.3

By Thomas Knights – Jodie Harsh – New York filming by Marco Ovando

Music Boys On The Dance Floor by Waterson (Kris Di Angelis and Ben Dobie remix)

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Pink Club Sandwich.

I have posted about this club and event before.

Here are some more pictures. I love working with these people and SlickItUp does clothes that I really like a lot.

There are many more posted pictures after the jump.

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I’m 60% Off! – and a very good clip of Jimmy and Trenton Fucking

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Here is a clip from me directing Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati at night by the pool. It was a very hot night and we were all sweating, especially Jimmy and Trenton.

This was Trenton’s first movie ever. I hope you enjoy.

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Junior Stellano and David Anthony

Here is a quick clip shot while we prepared to do the “Photographer” scene in Incubus 2. I posted some clips of David Anthony before. His huge dick and big balls were fun to play with. He’s also a great kisser and a handsome man. Junior is a naughty little boy who loves to get into trouble. Just the kind I like lol.


My Tour of the Desert

Finn from the Titanmen blog just sent me this clip that he found that was shot two days before we went into production on Incubus 1.

He tells me that he has “literally hours” of video shot as we put together the video. Keep coming back every day for more.

The Incubus Costumes

I have posted before about them but many people ask me more. I should maybe do a whole series about each one.

This was shot the night before we did our first-ever scene. Jasun had just arrived and wanted to know more about the piles of hair on the dinner table. lol.

These are used in both Incubus Part 1 and 2. You can see the movie at Titanmen only.