DREAM FUCKERS… First Movie in 5 Years.

Shooting my first scenes with Men.com for the movie DREAM FUCKERS has been set as 3 distinctive parts including a first duo with pornStar Paddy O’Brian from England.
Paddy,  a very charming sexy man, full of energy and very professional… the first meet went amazing and the sex was very passionate and energetic… This first scene was drawn as Paddy’s dream and imagination … taking place in strange fancy room with red sofa and neon light, kind of similar to the red room in the Hell/paradise room of D.Lynch Twin Peaks series.
Paddy is the rough top…This is ending up with great cum shot, the sex is very rough but sensual as well …
Then for the second scene duet … in another dream, imagined by the newcomer Sunny Colucci (gorgeous young man from Spain), we travel through his sleep and discover a very spatial set … almost like in a spaceship with a very bright light and a transparent structure …very pure, blue and white …. the sex is very intense as well .. it is a flip flop fuck , very hot and aesthetic, lots of sucking and kissing …and good penetration with great lightings… 
we end up with a third scene …. the dream inside the dream … almost like the 2 dreamers are exchanging their fantasy, I would say Paddy and Sunny are amalgamating their dreams and connecting one same partner for themselves : me ….
the threesome takes place back in another set; more dark sweaty …with a black leather set and mirrors.
everyone is exchanging roles and connecting together, 3 makes one.
we also shot some B-Role and non-sex footage, almost like little movie clips with bodies mixing to each other and kissing and making out parts , in studio and outdoors.
The whole #dreamfuckers footage is mixing sensuality , dreams ,mystery  and sensorial connection powers on an imaginary character that is part of 2 separates dreams and then connect to One dream
it was directed by Spanish director #AlterSin
very interesting !!

J’ai Retourne

Surprised !! ? 

Oh well, it’s not like I’m building a new career … 
I’ve decided I wanted to try again … to see if I was able to do it or not at age 38 

 … I’m older .. looking older … (is that good?)
I made the good choice working with Men in Europe.
The director is Alter Sin.

He was basically inspired by the TV série Sense8.  
The movie DREAM FUCKERS talks about dreams in dreams and fantasy about a guy ….  my partners are Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci.
I had no specific plan, really … but they were the most similar way of working when I compare to Titanmen… very professional and responsible, and good in editing and aesthetics.
We’ve been talking about my comeback with Titan in California, which is still a Dream. I do hope that will happen… Right now I do not want to travel that far to America. 


I flew to Barcelona to shoot 3 scenes with Men … in 2 hours I got there, so so fast.
I’m not exclusive with anyone … and may wanna shoot again, it went well … I’m still confident.
I will take my time if another project comes along… waiting for the new scenes to get released and see if people are excited or not.
But I’m happy after all, no regrets after those 5 years gone. 
Thank you… I will write more about it soon.