Titanmen Presents HARDWOOD

If you like your sex outside in the fresh air, you’ll love Hardwood: TitanMen in the Great Outdoors a collection of six of the best outdoor hardcore sex scenes from the TitanMen vault. Join TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn and Dario Beck and many more as they suck and fuck in the Great Outdoors.

Now available for streaming and DRM-Free download as part of your Titanmen.com membership.

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Happy Birthday to Francois – Vote on your Favorite Titan Movie.

Unknown-1Today is François Sagat‘s birthday and we’ve decided to let his fans vote for their favorite of his Titanmen movies. While he’s currently busy with his many other projects and ventures like Kick Sagat, none of us will forget his amazing body of work that he did with us here at Titanmen.

Scroll down for a list of our favorites and his most popular movies. There are links to each movie’s preview page at Titanmen which contains a full extended preview so you can refresh your memory.

We have our favorites… which one is yours?

If you haven’t seen any of these amazing movies… click here to see all of Francois’ movies at Titanmen.

Vote here for your favorite movies and check below for a a reminder of the movies or watch Special Extended Previews of each movie below…


 Welcome to TitanMen’s wet and wild world of H2O, where ten hot men fuck ‘til they’re drenched in jizz and soaked in sweat.

In this steamy movie within a movie, hard-bodied TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse (Breathless, Cop Shack on 101), jerks his meaty uncut cock as he watches a video of the rest of the cast having wild sex against a backdrop of stormy weather until he finally joins the fun himself.

François Sagat is the center of an explosive three way with incredibly sexy new TitanMen Rocky Torrez and Steve Cruz. Hairy muscle studs Steve and Rocky lick the sweat off François’ hard body before François savagely fucks both of them.


fear_dvd_rv_front Fear takes the darker side of man-on-man sex and brings it to the light of day. Each of the six nail-bitingly intense outdoor scenes on this masterpiece two-disc set explores different aspects of rape, submission, bondage and fetish play in a way that only GAYVN Hall-Of-Fame director Brian Mills could do.

At almost 5 hours long, Fear includes footage of several acts so extreme they have never been captured on film before, and none of which have ever been filmed so gorgeously as they are here.

Fear stars the most TitanMen exclusives ever in one movie: Tony Buff (making his explosive TitanMen debut), Dirk Jager, Rick van Sant , Diesel Washington, Alex Baresi , François Sagat and Dean Flynn! Also stars Tober Brandt, Derek Da Silva , and new TitanMen CJ Madison, Brody Newport, and Lars Svenson. Not for the faint of heart, Fear pushes the envelope so far that it rips right through it!



Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Folsom Filth, winner of the Best Specialty Release—Extreme at the 2007 GAYVN Awards, Folsom Leather pushes the envelope of hardcore man-on-man leather/fetish play.

Rugged, hard-bodied Brendan Davies (Folsom Filth, The Road to Redneck Hollow) whips stunning TitanMen exclusive François Sagat (Folsom Filth, Spy Quest 3, H2O), then Brendan, François and Rick soak each in a flood of piss and cum.


brrv_dvd_front Bruce Cam’s return to directing… another of his outdoor features that set the action right out in the open. A true achievement.

Breathless was a lush cinematic outdoor feature encompasses all of the elements that made TitanMen famous:  handsome masculine men, incredible no-holds barred sex; all beautifully shot in one of this world’s most dramatic outdoor settings.  The green forests primeval of the Czech Republic provide the backdrop for TitanMen’s 11 sexiest men to date!

François makes a daring escape into the woods; while on the run, he stumbles upon ruggedly handsome Miguel Sabroso and massively muscled Glenn Santoro (Side Tracked) who are rimming and fucking chiseled, darkly-handsome Carlos (Side Tracked).



No one has been able to capture intense, unfiltered man-on-man sex in stunning natural settings as masterfully as critically acclaimed director Bruce Cam.

Breakers is legendary. Including a stunning cast and from one of the best directors in gay porn history.


For an event as monumental his last adult feature, the GayVN Hall of Fame Director takes a cast of 13 masculine men in the very tradition of TitanMen that he created himself—with 11 TitanMen exclusives including the return of TitanMen exclusive Eduardo, who bottoms for the first time ever onscreen—and directs them in 7 breathtaking scenes teeming with explosive eroticism and unparalleled natural beauty.

A truly staggering achievement shot entirely in high-definition, a masterpiece like Breakers does not come along very often, but then again neither do the talents of a filmmaker like Bruce Cam.




IP.O.V., new-to-California Braxton Bond is looking for some fun in the great outdoors; he picks up a video camera at a garage sale and it changes his entire weekend.

Themes of voyeurism and sex on camera tie together the smoking-hot 3+ hours all-outdoors sex epic starring TitanMen exclusives Francois SagatDillon Buck, and Darius Falke.


inc2_860front So big it was released in two separate parts that combine to tell the bizarre tale of Francois being pursed by his demon Doppelganger,  fans spent months trying to figure out just what Francois was saying in his directorial debut Incubus.

Francois stayed mum on the subject until blogger Gay Comic Geek broke it down in a review video telling the story of how Francois was really deconstructing his own fame and how that fame had become a sort of “evil clone” of himself, and Francois proclaimed that he’d gotten the story right.

Visually stunning and hot as the Hell from which it came, Incubus was an award winner and a fan favorite but Francois himself was always careful to never stray too far from being a Titanmen movie.

“it can be all me but at the same time it still has to be porn.”

He succeeded on both counts.



A handsome hunk relaxing on the beach, a morning jogger, an unsuspecting repairman…none of them saw it coming. But when an igniting force meets an irresistible object, all are Thrust into a torrid encounter beyond their control. Watch as a series of seducers—led by TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint—probe deep and hard in this pulse-pounder from award-winning director Brian Mills.


Relaxing on the beach, Viktor Jones is distracted by runner Francois Sagat.


Their heart rates—and their huge uncut cocks—soar even higher in the rain-filled forest. While stretching after his morning jog, Christopher Saint is admired by Tristan Jaxx. After an oral exchange, Saint tightens his toned hole around the top’s sizeable slab. Copier repairman Leo Alarcon can’t believe his eyes as businessmen Ethan Wolfe and Dakota Rivers engage in some extracurricular office activity. The stroking voyeur is soon brought into the action as an unforgettable threesome ensues.

Click Here to watch the Extended Preview


over_comborev2011_frontTake the top off, grab the stick and thrust into high gear in the outdoor escapade OverDrive from award-winning director Brian Mills.

A gunmetal grey convertible sees lots of action during its countryside travels as 11 hunks get wet and wild in the great outdoors. Get your hands on a hard body with TitanMen exclusives Marco BlazeDean FlynnDirk JagerFrancois Sagat and Rick van Sant. Rev it up and fuck in the fast lane as Overdrive takes you on the ride of your life!

Watching Dirk Jager suck Marco Blaze is too much for Francois Sagat to handle, so he brings his own hose into the action


fhhc_dvd_hc_front_1  Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the carnival, TitanMen lifts the curtain on another unique fantasy. Starring 11 built studs in nearly 3 hours of footage, Funhouse raises the bar again following the groundbreaking, award-winning Carny and its incendiary followup, Cirque Noir.

Two friends stumble on a dark carnival and can’t resist temptation as they’re beckoned onto a funhouse ride, where scenes of masculine aggression and beauty unfold. Led by TitanMen exclusives Alex BaresiTony BuffEduardoDean Flynn and Francois SagatFunhouse is a dark yet colorful trip you don’t want to miss. Hop on and ride it — hard!


full_comborev2011_front How much size do you need?

In Full Access, the men of Titan are here to satisfy your storage needs: hard wood to protect your goods, stiff locks to secure your valuables and massive muscle to manhandle your prized possessions.

These eight qualified professionals — led by TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat and JR Matthews — are packing for your pleasure with the best unit in town. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so lock in their services now — storage has never been this sexy.


dbst_comborev2011_front Ever wonder what goes on at your apartment building with the repairmen and building managers while you’re at work? Well, if your building is like this one, you’d probably be calling in sick more often!

Directed by Brian Mills, Double Standard stars TitanMen exclusives Dean FlynnFrancois SagatRick van Sant and Diesel Washington along with five other hot and hung studs.


srrv_dvd_frontCan you feel the breeze tickling your balls, your boner now bouncing in excitement? In Search and Rescue, shed the shirt and become one with nature as the hottest studs—led by TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, JR Matthews, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint—take you on a masculine outdoor mission you won’t forget.

This was a fantastic addition to Francois’s movies.


tlrv_cover_front TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington, a wealthy, well-dressed urbanite, steps out onto the terrace of his apartment overlooking the city and peers into his Telescope.

He pans across the skyline, spying on the sexual stories unfolding across the naked city in this massive fuckfest directed by Brian Mills. Francois performed a MEG-hot scene with Damien Crosse in this stunning movie.